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Paul Fusco

Over twenty years have passed since the meltdown at Chernobyl. Paul Fusco faces the dark legacy of the modern technological nightmare that continues to plague those exposed to its destructive radiation.

And I think that I have problems.
My Belarussian friend shed light on this accident for me, your site gives unforgettable images that will forever accompany the stories she told me. What's scary is that we have Nuclear Reactors in the U.S. and have had accidents of our own, not of such magnitude, but dangerous nonetheless. Let's change how we think about Nuclear Power, what happened in Chernobyl is a cautionary tale.
your images are incredible, first of all for the fact that you had the strength to stay there for 2 months and document this. it is compelling for all living persons to see these images and to understand the grotesque and ireverssable ways in which we are affecting ourselves and the world we live in. if we don't somehow "clean up our act" as soon as possible, we are all going to die, probably a lot sooner that we would expect. this should be everyone's goal, everything else is simply in vain. thank you again paul for waking me up and reminding me that.
Gets me sad every time i see these images.
This is so touching and terrible. You did a spectacular job with the photography in producing photographs which really take the viewer by the heart and makes them realize how damn foolish we are for worrying over stupid little things when there are people in the world who are utterly helpless as you've managed to reveal. Amazing work. Wonderfully provoking in every sense.
I never even realised the depths of the horror. I viewed this and felt very sad.
The people helping the orphans are people who were truely sent by God. I am an American citizen, and a former soldier. I expected to see the horrors of this disaster, but I never thought that the mutations that were present in the children were possible. I wish I could do something for them. I wish I could be their hero, their beacon of hope in the dark. I really hate to see children suffering. That's why I joined the Army in the first place. To help end suffering.
Looking at this images just makes us realise that we are weak and cant help our own children. Most people watch and think how good that that is not happening to me. Instead we must think how horrible life for those children and what can we do for them. Why with all modern medicine and science we cant make them feel less pain? I hope that most governmnets can realise that huge budgets must go to treat those children with best medicine there is. For none the less its government responsibility for they misery.
I want to get a fund raiser off the ground for those children. I want to get money together for advanced research for cures. I need ideas, any ideas would be good. I have the support of a couple local businesses, but that alone isn't enough. Can anyone help?
I´m shocked, I`m sad, I`m angry ! How is it possible that people forget ? Speachless, with tears in my eyes, ... I´ve no more Idea,.... Thanks to Mr Fusco and team to wake me up again! j.Randak,Berlin Germany
Wir haben den "GEIST" aus der Flasche gelassen obwohl wir wußten wie wenig wir über ihn wissen ! "Die Geister die ich rief werd´ich nun nicht los!" We let the "GIN" came out of his bottle, although we knew that we know nothing about him.
After the west always saying the soviet plants were very crude I was amazed at how many levels of safety were built into the plant yet because of exceptionately poor judgement , training and checks it still happened - human error- unfortunately safety systems must be tested otherwise they fail. Yes those who work amongst these are doing God's work it is incredibly noble to do such things, the compassion we feel is His too. Lets help them
Regardless of the people claiming the photos and information given here is inaccurate, the story is moving and motivating. The Chernobyl incident still after so long shows that humans are not ready to play with the devices we've created. No matter how distorted the site may portray it as (though I do not say it is) it still bloody well happened and it was and is horrible. We brought it on ourselves, and the world suffers because of the misjudgements of a few. If more people were aware of the incident, maybe we'd think a little more about our methods of convenience.
Well, i don't know what say about it... I was born in 86, im have 20 years old... im a brazilian. And im glad to be here now... in a safe place, with my family and friends. Now i know Chernobyl was not just a accident, but a real catastrophe... i meant... for real. You did a amazing job, showing us some reality... Some reality i never can even imagine, thank you... Im very sad and angry about this incident... im almost cannot express my self... sorry my bad english... but.. thanks again to show us another reality.
Mr. Fusco! You have did a amazing job whit this information for the victims of this disaster special the children. Nobody can leave this site unmoved.
You have made a very moving and important website, thank You. I remember when the disaster happened very well, although I was only six years old at the time. I couldn't understand why my parents forced me to wear a rain jacket on such a beautiful day... I would like to forward this site to some members of parliament here in Finland, who are so anxious to build some more nuclear power for us, even though the country is using less and less energy every year.
Нда, трагедия на 4 блоке это пиздец ! прошу прощения, но тругих слов нет, все из за нашего правительства, которое до последнего не могла донести до людей то, что реактор взорвался, после взрыва, жизнь в Припяти еще шла 24 часа, потом взрыва бы не было, есл бы проверка каторая была за год до катастрофы выявила не поладки, и еслиб ученые не стали рисковать и в 86 не делать проверку, пока реактор был включен. The tragedy on the 4th energy block of Chernobyl is terrible!!!!! Our (i am russian) goverment is SUXXXX in 1986, all people and workers in Chernobyl were afraid of them. Nobody can tell our goverment that testing on 4th energy block were failed. And when it hapend our goverment don't tell it to people for 24 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and firemans think that there was a fire as usual. many of them was died. Rest in peace for them, we remember you ! P.S: Sory for my English. i am just a student of college
I just want to let you know, like many people has done before me, that you've done an amazing job with these pictures. Very moving indeed. Although I wasn't even born when this happend it still reaches me in a very emotional way. Great job. Sympathies for the victims. Oscar, Sweden.
You've done an amazing job by showing this to us. Thank you very much for caring for these people and for letting us know their condition. I was stunned with those pictures, it's incredible what radiation can do. After 20 years, I still can't believe no one is doing anything to try and clean that place up, remove the junk and send some help for the population of Chernobyl. Thanks again, wish there'd be more people like you in the world.
i would like to congratulate you for this phenomenal work! it showed me things that i was always curious about, someday i will visit this place, thanks for sharing this usefull information!
Thank you. It's a catastrophie. I's awful. It's our pain, fault, crime... Te material i saw - left me severely frustrated...I feel pain of those, whose pictures you made...When i think of the remaining - i feel horror... All this tragedy - is the payment. I do not know for what...But i feel it... But, is there anything be done about it?
I've always been fixated with Chernobyl... How can human irresponsiblity inflict such a toll? Yet at the same time, I ask; How can my country ignore the useful properties of nuclear power, and choose other methods which on the long term could have the same effects? At this point in time I hope that Australia becomes a 'nuclear state'. Things go wrong, and it's up to the people who are eager to help and have good hearts to do whatever they can.
...for enlightening me. I was only 9 when Chernobyl changed the world and it never sunk in how terrible it was, until now. Thank you
Let's hope that more and more stories like this one will be published, and also be received bravely by a willing public.
Thank you for talking about it and exposing this horrific tragedy to more peaple. I was in Kiev when this happened. My parents were lucky to be warned by a friend on the day of the excident -- we left to moskow the next day. I live in chicago now and will always remember how lucky I have been .
Thank you, Paul. I was in Chernobyl 170 days in 1986. I saw many websites, but this website leave me the most deep feelings.
Thank you Paul for this magnificent and touching documentary.It is so important for the whole world to remember--I will always pray for the lives lost and for all affected by this unimaginable tragedy.
It is necessary to know the truth about the World we live in. Even if it's so scary and sad.
Es un muy buen sitio que me dio a conocer algo que nunca habia pasado por mi mente, excelente.
Incredible site, very well documentaded, intense fotos and an awsome yet cruel event that hasnt recibed the attention requiered.
En la actualidad este tipo de cosas las desconocemos por que no estamos en el lugar de la tragedia, si estuviesemos en esas circunstancias yo no me quedaria callado, haria algo por mi gente y sobre todo por mi, digo tanto sufrimiento enfocado solo en los niños que culpa tienen ellos, y como diria Zapata que chingaderas son estas que hemos hecho, pero esas son causas que el mismo hombre ocasiona por sus mismo actos el cual no mide bien lo que hace apesar de que somos HOMOSAPIENS que quiere decir hombre que piensa lo cual dice que es un hombre que consientisa sus actos, yo no lo creo que seamos asi, simplemente actuamos a lo pendejo y eso nos repercute a todos sin distinción de clases sociales y sin , si el hubiera existe esto no estuviese pasando desgraciadamente ya esta hecho. Aun Sueño ver un mundo sin guerray sin autodestruccion de el ecosistema en que vivimos, desgraciadamente toda la gente ya vemos normal ese tipo de situaciones y se nos hace normal en el ambito diario, hasta que se hace parte de nuestras costumbres y ambitos. No permitamos nuestra autodestrución nosotros mismo, que la naturaleza nos va dejar una lección que jamas olvidaremos, ya lo hemos visto como lo han sido la contaminación ambiental que provoco lo de la Planta de Chernobyl que ha dejado marcado a 7 millones de gentes y esta afectando a los que van naciendo y no simplemente en Chernobyl si no en todo el mundo, como ignorantes que somos las particulas de este tipo de estragos llegan a cualquier rincon de este planeta, como por ejemplo: Mi compañero Ramón del Toro se quemo un pedo y yo lo alcance a oler y eso que no estaba cerca de el si no hasta el otro extremo eso fue un gasesillo de aproximadamente .000000000003 gr y apesto todo el salon imaginate lo que haria una bomba nuclear ahora el caso Chernobyl que no haria con el resto de lo que hay en el globo terraqueo aunque no lo crean es cierto, y no soy un cientifico ni nada por el estilo, soló soy un espectador mas de esta vida. Atte: Francisco Javier Alcaraz Talamantes de Colima Mexico.
Bien dicen que una imagen vale más...desgarrantes, desconsoladoras, no puedo evitar pensar, al ver a los niños, y saber algunas de sus edades, que bien hubiera podido ser algun hijo mio, o bien mi nieto, pero... un momento, no hemos caido en la cuenta, que si no tomamos conciencia, ¿no hes acaso, lo que todos en alguna medida estamos propiciando? pongamos nuestro granito, al menos tratemos de limitar el daño.
Muchos reaccionan como es previsible, se alteran, dan consejos, amonestan, en fin. Pero como dicen en el libro, Chernobyl es un asunto del que no se habla mucho porque es el espejo de algo que no queremos aceptar. Porque es algo que nos derroto a todos como especie humana. Y, lo que es peor, esa derrota la propiciamos nosotros mismos. No tiene sentido ponerse a jugar al sabio, en estos casos bien vale la pena andar con cuidado en un mundo que siempre terminamos por estropear. Somos una especie patetica.
Das Zeitalter der Technologie, vor dem uns der deutsche Philosoph Martin Heidegger so eindringlich gewarnt hat, zeigt sein schreckliches und wohlverdrängtes Antlitz als wüste Fratze. Das ist das Wesen der Technik. Meine dringliche Bitte. Fangt an zu denken und lernt zu beten. Ich befürchte das dies nur ein Anfang war. Was kommt da noch auf uns zu? Warum?
I knew Armand Hammer when this disaster took place. I know he died for the work he did here. This has been one of the most shamefully negleted set of victims of disaster in the history of mankind. It makes me humble to see this amount of suffering. How could this happen? My heart is torn out. Poet
I have heard of this for sometime. In 1998, I visited Moscow, Russia for 2 weeks and the area of Brynaks. This is a beautiful documentary. My husband works at a uranium inrichment plant. I pray that nothing like this ever happens here. You are in my pryayers. BLessings and Healing, C Jones USA
it is horrable what happened and i hope othing like this never happens again, and again I am so sorry
i thank god every day i live in a place were these things dont happen often i see chomercials on tv about how neculer energy is good , i do not agree. this world does not understand yet that there is not easy way out. we have to ern our up keep of the society weve made around us.
I Just Graduated a History Major from a prominent Christian University and I Never Knew Chernobyl. I don't Think I could know it but I know about It, now. I understand the power of knowing, it slowly cracks at our selfish wills. If Only I knew the worlds pain, would i accept it and let it go on, or give my life for it. Neither, but I know something must be done. How can I help? and How can I Help?
thank you for the courage you have in showing the courage these mothers, caretakers and children have. thank you for showing us all, because ignorance is a sin. i don't even know where to begin, i just keep thinking of my children and cry. i feel so useless.
i knew this story was terrifying but when i saw this site and results after this evil... I was shocked!!! I hope this will never happen again...
It is beyond human comprehension that the aftermath of Chernobyl is being allowed to take place in the shadows. Why does the world not know about this ongoing holocaust? May they inherit heaven.
Deeply and moving documentary. I was very touched by the photos and stories. My hats off to you Mr. Fusco. I vividly remember this incident In 1986 when the world learned of this mother of all environmental disastors. Doesn't compare to Three Mile Island whatsoever. I work at a nuclear power plant. The company and its worker force prides itself with safety being paramount. Nobody compromises safety whatsoever. This place takes serious note of any incidents in other places from other parts of the world, doesn't whether it is major or minor, it takes into heed and checks out of its system design to make sure we don't have any trouble or even prevent one from happening. I think Chernobyl is indeed a burning reminder that we absolutely must keep plant and the general public safe no matter what the costs are. After all it is cheaper to invest and do things right than to pay out enomous sums of medical bills.
These pictures are extremely moving and the narration only adds to the quality of the photos. Amazing work, and such horrible circumstances. We have the technology to destroy and twist life - why can't we fix that with the same technology? My Uncle works at a Nuclear Power Plant, and I know that they ensure safety before anything else. Its actually his job to make sure that all the rules are followed and enforced so that something of this sort never happens again.
Ich bin niemand der sich vor Bildern fürchtet, der sich in der Gruselbahn erschreckt oder bei der Hälfte eines Horrorfilms verschwindet. Aber diese Bilder haben mich berührt - ich hab vor meinem Schirm fast geweint. Zum Teil aus Angst, zum Teil aus Schrecken, zum Teil aus Unwissenheit. Kriege sind schlimm - aber wie es in dem einem Kommentar bei Voices from Chernobyl steht: "They yust shoot you" Ich weis nicht was schlimmer ist - das so etwas passieren konnte, oder das so viele Menschen darunter leiden und sterben müssen. Für nichts und wieder nichts. Salut
some people live theyr lives with calling from the God. That people, who works with Chernobyl victims are amazing. they are more like Human beeing,they are our Angels. Thank You for your brave hearts, thank You for your job, it grabbed all who saw it. please don't say that these victims are not Chernobyl legacy. we are learning about it at school,we learned it from our grandfarhers and grandmothers,from our parents,from our brothers and sisters.some people even now are suffering from this legacy, some people will born in future with this legacy. and theres are no way we can stop it! its saddest thing. mabye you can forbid it in america, but mabye not in other countrys. sad but true... thank you for beeing like Angel Gabriel and show how hard true is. 17years old girl,which never bealived in reality. Lithuania
Words are not enough to say things.You lose faith and belief when you get into it.I was not there , now even at any place in formar USSR but the radiation hit others too.I was diagnosed with thyroit cancer 13years after the black rains in 1987 , a simple type of cancer n totaly cured but doctors said it is because of CHERNOBYL.Thousands of kms away , it hit me n hundreds of thousands arround the world.The time I was through with cancer was a hell . I can not even imagine the ones living in Chernobyl during this time hit by radiation . Nature gone forever , beautiful flowers growing n the river is so inviting,as a seen from a horror movie , they are inviting but fatal.Children , mothers , relatives, loved ones , babies not born n babies born all fatal.Will they ever forgive n forget.NO . How could anyone do that ? We are humans for God`s sake not angels. People fighting all over the world , for religion , nation, money , for fun ,for love.. .Visit this site to see how stupid you , we all are.
I grew up with my father working at a nuclear power facility in North Carolina and then later in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I vividly remember the Chernobyl disaster. I remember my father, my step-father (a now retired USAF nuclear engineer) and many of their friends marvelling in horror at what passed at Chernobyl (and indeed in other parts of the then-USSR) for expertise and professionalism in the nuclear industry. I even have two friends in Western Europe whose lives were scarred directly by the disaster. It's amazing the colossal egotism humans have in the face of nature and that we believe we can control it so easily. On that day in 1986 I reckon what had to happen some time unfortunately happened, too little care was taken and the price is still being paid decades later. I sincerely hope we can and have learned a lesson from this terrible and ongoing story.
If enough people like me feels and share their pain and suffering, and all our thoughts go out to these families, if we stand together as a world and care for each other, I'm sure we can help with the healing just using our thoughts. It is sad that things went wrong, though we should learn from our mistakes but not let it stop our scientific growth, just like one shouldnt stop building trains because one train crashed, one should rather look at building either a safer train or to build something other than trains that are even safer.
I must first of all congratulate Paul Fusco on capturing so much in a photograph - so many powerful feelings and stories in one image is quite an achievement. I hope the sites owners do not mind this brief announcment: I was sent the link as on the 24th of August 2007, I, along with 9 other motorcyclists, will be riding the 3500 miles round trip to Belarus to raise money for the Chernboyl Children's Project (UK). Please see which is the homepage of the group. My personal website is, and you can sponsor my part of the trip online at - we are aiming to raise £1000 each for a total of £10,000 donated to the CCP(UK) ALL money donated goes to the CCP(UK), and every donation will help. Again, thank you for your time and consideration. Tim
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