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Paul Fusco

Over twenty years have passed since the meltdown at Chernobyl. Paul Fusco faces the dark legacy of the modern technological nightmare that continues to plague those exposed to its destructive radiation.

i can't understand why there's still nuclear power on this planet.
So if their lives are going to be so terrible, if they're going to grow up to be transferred to a mental hospital, if these children, these "monsters", are so "inhuman", why are they still living? End it and be done.
This's BULLSHIT !!! I've study it since 2000 and I can say that Paul Fusco is LIAR read UN and WHO reports about Chernobyl Eugene, Ph.D. radiobiologist from Ukraine
Congratulations on the work. It is just so shocking. :(
Damn I had to watch this again and yet again all I did was cry Im going to join greenpeace and there campign against radiation please everyone here join in the cause thank you soooooooo much man i cant stop crying I have devoted my life to stop this from happening again and if it wasnt for the people of charnobyl trying to stop the radiation we would all be dead thank you so much.
These pictures bring the terrible effects of radiation on us as human beings very close. The impact of the Chernobyl catastrophe on the lives of these families should be reason enough to make sure that such a desaster will never happen again.
Great work! Very shocking and disturbing, but the quality of the shots are amazing.
i am online reviewing information to write a paper about the Chernobyl disaster. i have seen many repeated pictures. but have yet to see pictures you have shown anywhere else. very sad and very moving. i am glad the world can view some real in depth pictures.
thank you for showing truth of that accident you havedone real great work
j'ai une petite fille de 2 mois et demi et de voir tout ces enfant malades et diforme mon fait verser une larme! surtout le petit bébé qui a le cerveau dans la tumeur! de dos on dirait ma petite fille et cela ma frapper en plein coeur!merci a vous Paul d'avoir montrer au monde la vérité et les conséquences de la radioactivité ,qui me parait telement inutile quand on voi se qui peux arriver!apres cette accident,j'aurais interdi toute sorte de radioactivité partout dans le monde pour que jamais sa ne se reproduise
Hello. Well, today I was only surfing on the Internet when I tought I could research about something, it was Chernobil, I've done that before, so when I start reading I got surprise abput it. And about the litle information the goverment gave. A lot of years later we're seeing the consecuences, and it's horrible, poor kids, poor people who had to live it. I hope your photos let people know how important is to keep known. Thanks.
Hi, my name is Alex. I'm in 7th grade and our teacher was having us write a research paper on many horrible desasters. I have always been interested in Chernobly but never took the time to research it. When I found out mine was going to be over Chernobly I was overwelmed with joy. Yay! I thought I can finnaly research this! Now that I have read over 300pages on Chernobly in the last 3days I feel as if I only know a small fraction of the stroy. Seeing these pictures braught me to tears and I was wondering if you, Paul, could send me a few emails about the incedent. It is I will warn anyone who sends spam that I do not open anything that looks to be spam so don't send it. Thank you so much.
marquant.... mais dire que c'est la faute a un tel ou un tel n'est pas juste... c'est arriver par manque de connaissance de l'epoque, sa a servie de lesson a l'Histoire en esperant que sa n'arrivera plus de la chance a toute ces victimes innocentes du courage pour tous les infirmiers et autres qui s'occupent d'eux
You are amazing..this website was touching and brings things into prospective that otherwise would never be known. I have read countless articles on the affects of the disaster at chernobyl and most say only about 4000 people are living with the aftermath of the affects of radiation exposure. Which as you so greatly show is not the case! Thank you!
Bonjour... C est impressionnant comme travail, mais la réalité a été bien pire... A l époque j avais 4 ans, mais je me souviens de l horreur... Je n ai jamais fait d examens médicaux car ce n est pas la peine... Je doute fort qu il ya un responsable a tout ça, a l époque la science n était pas aussi évoluée que maintenant. C est facile a juger des années plus tard! Enfin, ce n est que mon avis. En tout cas, bon travail....
i love rusian people everytime is respect rusian history BUT this is Few idiot Rusian ppl mistake !!!!!!
Thank you for sharing this. It brings it all into focus. Heartbreaking.
O my god. I cant stop crying. I know a lot about Chernobyl but this made such a big impact on me. Thank you soooooooooo much.
Hello Paul , I'm Stefania jazz photographer from Italy. I love your work, and this one touched me deeply. "mr." Berlusconi signed an agreeement with France to build 4 nuclear plants. I was a teen ager when Chernobyl disaster occurred. The effects also spread to western Europe. this work touches our heart because there is reality, your partecipation, your quest and dignity, suffering despare and the non-sense. We tend to remove these images... our mind cannot accept ... just like images of the Nazi death-camp Auschwitz. Our mind refuses that this is possibile, that is human, that can be "us". But it is. It is human. And it happened. I wish your work will be shown and published in all the richest countries. send a copy of the book to all the "Mr. Power President" of the planet. I wish to meet you one day, in Rome or New York. Thank you Stefania
Great post! I’ve been very interested in this for a long time. I didn’t know that.
Siplesmente um fantástico trabalho fotográfico.
there is no god!
is the first time when i saw this imbelivebel,so many children with their life ruined,so many lifes distroied.....and the most painles part is the fact no one of them have any fault for what hapend to them.!(please scuse my english,im a biginer).
wow. i like just took a test about some of this. my teacher suggested to look this up. but this is horrible and sad. is there nothing they can do?! :[
omg ;( its terrible...
I hope that no more will not be repeated.
Oh my god- these pictures... make me so sad.. Thank you, Paul Fusco, for this reality! I know why I,m a fan of solar energy!
i feel so bad for the kids in this vidieo
I hope yall be ok and i will pray no matter what.U can send me msg.Love yall.
It seems clear that your pictures do not distinguish between the sad condition of public health in part of rural Russia that happens to be around the area of Chernobyl and conditions that can be medically linked to the Chernobyl reactor accident. The IAEA Chernobyl report: may help you understand and distinguish between poor helth care and radiation caused illnesses. The frist is a very large problem in rural Russia, the second is very difficult to demonstrate with the exception of thyroid abnormalities in children exposed to Chernobyl.
Powerful stuff. You might cite the ECRR2006 report on Chernobyl.: 'ECRR2006 Chernobyl-20 years on- Ed C. Busby and A.V.Yablokov (publ Gren Audit, Aberystwyth UK), which has the true scientific review of the situation with regard to the helath effects and the effects of living systems. There has been a huge cover up of the health effects by the IAEA and WHO. The latter signed an agreement in 1959 to leave research on health and radiation to the atomic scientists. This agreement is still in place.
Its very sad to know that the engineers who were working on that so called "experiment" didn't think of the consequences of their act , its totally irresponsible knowing that there are safety procedures to follow that were ignored and now the generation before , this generation and the one to come will be affected because of STUPID attitude. may god be with us .
Bravo to Paul Fusco ! and great appreciation... It seems there is sufficient data now to correlate such health damage as we witness in these photographs to radiation. If a person is un biased and sincerely concerned they will see the connection. But we do not need such an accident for such results. The on-going LOW levels of radiation released from the everyday operation of the many hundreds of Nuclear Power Plants world wide reduce the health of everyone. AS John Gofman said: "Any dose is an over doe.." The Atomic Energy Commsion in a l966 report "The Gentic Effects of Radiation " said: If the number of those affected is increased there would come a crucial point, or threshold, where the slack could no longer be taken up. The genetic load might increase to the point where the species as a whole would degenerate and fade towards extinction - a sort of radical radiation sickness. Nevertheless the AEC went ahead and set a standard of how many rems or rads were acceptable per person per year. John Gofman commented on this: Licensing a nuclear power plant is, in my view, licensing random, premeditated murder. fade towards extinction - a sort of " radical radiation sickness".
I will keep these people in my prayers. Healing.
Dear Paul, I'm Leonid, I helped you with translation on your trip to the Chernobyl area in Belarus in 1997. Do you remember me? Thank you for this great, emotional, humbling work. Leonid Levin
This is so tragic that there are no words to describe it...why has the West done so little to help these people? Perhaps because it is easier to live with ourselves...forgetting the toll extracted upon these innocent bystanders. The fact that this could have been prevented makes the situation all the more horrific.
Poor people, no one diserves something like that =( stuff like this just proves that there is no god, what kind of god would let horrible things like this happen
What makes me so angry, is that people in charge of the welfare of so many, still go ahead with such dangerous things. And what has been done for these people by the west? Nothing that I know of. An example of how little has been said or done, is the release of S.T.A.L.K.E.R...a game. So little is known about Chernobyl, by westerners, that many don't know of this terrible disaster until they take an interest in the game. I am ashamed to say, that even though i was 10 when it happened, I knew NOTHING about it. I feel ILL at the idea of connecting it with a video game. It's terrible bad taste.
My uncle, who is a retired civil engineer of several large cities, could not watch this film to the end! Those who say nuclear power is the solution to global warming should see these people. I promised Dr. Radha Roy, professor of nuclear physics emeritus, on his death bed riddled with cancer, I would try to stop nuclear pollution. He told me how it would go and was correct. It was the Three Mile Island partial meltdown that provided the impetus for the Roy Process which will reduce high level nuclear waste to zero radioactivity and produce electricity.
The game S.T.A.L.K.E.R I think this game is cool. So i go on the internet and look for Chernobyl. than i found all the pictures and i feel so sad about it. So i Will Send money to Them for helping the people. I have send this link to all my friends. name: Mark age: 18 Life's: in the Netherlands
dear Paul I’m Italian and recently got a game called stalker and also watched a documentary about the Chernobyl accident recently so decided to do an online search i found this website and was deeply saddened that these things are not more in the eye of the public to make them aware in the dangers of nuclear radiation \ power I have deep respect for you and the work you are doing and all thoughts involved But I have to wonder why you allow fools to post things like "look at all those yummy Jews" is it to show how ignorant people are or are there other reasons ? In closing id like to say keep up the awesome work as there are thoughts out there that understand
As the pervious commenters I have also installed the game stalker. But like them I'd wanted to get more information about the chernobyl disaster and I started looking on the web. I found this portofolio accydiently. What I saw was shocking I think it changed my way on looking at things. I seem now to more appreciate what I have, I'm also feeling verry frustrated. Now I know what radiation can do to humans, worse what radiation can do to KIDS!!! I don't know who is responsible for this disaster. But one thing is sure the kids aren't and they shouldn't be paying for this. I really admire every single nurse that is taking her private time to help this chlidren. In my opinion this portfolio should reach more people I have sended it to all my freinds too.
This has been a real eye opener for me.. after playing The Game S.T.A.L.k.E.R i found myself doing sum research and only recently learned that it as based on a true story.. i cant believe i didnt know about it.. Thanx too the game i have learnt allot about the aftereffects and dangers of radiation.. Thanx for this awsome info :)
Hello Paul, My name is Ronnie (Roman) and I was born in the Ukraine, today I'm 23 and live in Israel. I do not rememeber much from the disaster only my mother's stories, one of them was the "Building Wash". Shes said that on May 2nd as we were walking down our street we saw that the city cleaners and fire department were washing the buildings with water and soap(!) she told me that they didn't even know what happend the first week and thought the city was doing building restoration projects. This was of course to wash the radiation dust off the buildings. I think the portfolio is beautiful, although such a word is a hard one to use in this case. It's important that people will know what happend there for endless reasons, unfortunatly Chernobyl is far from being only a memory. - Ronnie
I was reading over some of the comments, and the fact that some people had no idea as to what the disaster actually was and just looked it up because of a video game, to me, is disgusting. I recently heard of the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R but I did not play it, however, due to how it's loosely based the movie. I did, however, begin looking into it because I was genuinely interested in what had occurred since I knew so little. I couldn't help but be moved by this work and I feel absolutely terrible for all the families affected by the disaster.
I was aware of the disaster it was, but these photos are amazing.This is some great stuff you got here, dude. Its sad that western Europe has practically ignored this whole ''incident'', and even sadder how the greed of a few people can destroy so many lives. Again, I must say, great photos, very touching. Al Phelan
I was speechless and crying uncontrollably after i watched this photo documentary. I'm a survivor of the Chernobyl disaster. I was only 3 when it happened and unfortunately for me I lived in Belarus at the time and was highly exposed to the radiation. I developed all sorts of medical problems as a result, but my family was lucky enough to have the opportunity to move to the US. My health problems are now very much under control. I have extreme survivor's guilt. I look at these children and think "this could have been me.....this should be me". I feel awful that i was fortunate enough to get the appropriate medical help and these children just aren't that fortunate. Everyone one of them deserves the most this world has to offer. My love, prayers and support go out to every person affected by this unfathomable disaster. ( If our tears do not lead us to act then we have lost the reason of our humanity, which is compassion)
Prayers for those who were affected with this disaster specially for those little kids who will no longer have a future.
Men without God caused this. Men under God's direction are able to bring restoration. Not by man's power, but by God's power, but men yielded and submitted to God being used by Him. Miracles DO still exist. I am believing God for the healing of the land, the healing of bodies and the healing of spirits in the days to come. I have seen miracles. I believe God's word that the glory of God will one day "cover the whole earth as the waters cover the seas." All things are possible to him who believes. Do you believe it is possible? I do and will uphold these dear people in prayer until it happens and I will do even more if possible.
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