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Paul Fusco

Over twenty years have passed since the meltdown at Chernobyl. Paul Fusco faces the dark legacy of the modern technological nightmare that continues to plague those exposed to its destructive radiation.

Sad for the Ukrainians having to deal with such a aftermath. Japan has already dealt with some similar issues due to their involvement as an axis power in World War 2. Now they many suffer a similar fate again due to the recent earthquakes effects on their reactors.
Fantastic work - makes you wonder if Japan will have any of these terriable things. Those poor innocents -------------------------------------- They were already having them thanks to a certain country nuking them decades ago.
Fantastic work - makes you wonder if Japan will have any of these terriable things. Those poor innocents
horrible but truth .........
This is tragic yet beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Unbelievable pictures! God bless the nurses who care for these children, it shows that they really care for them. Thank you for sharing!
Your pictures and commentary are unbelievable. Such sadness. Thank for allowing me to experience this.
Incredible work.I commend you on this series.Thank you for doing it.It matters. Glenn-Patrick Ferguson
The more I watch, the more sadness fills me, tears to my eyes. I think to myself "How many people are unaware?" The world forgets. This should be mandatory viewing.
Beautifully captured. Very eye opening and yet tastefully done. Thank you.
Une honte pour l'humanité entière des millions de vies détruite à tout jamais. J'espère sérieusement que cette catastrophe restera graver dans les mémoires
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I tried to post on this tragedy, but the spam filter is blocking it.
¡¡¡Y me preocupo por mi economia!! que ignorante soy ante lo que en realidad es importante. Gracias por compartir tu trabajo, espero que en vez de pasar en la television programas de cotilleo y reality show absurdos, nos muestren este tipo de informacion y orientación sobre como podríamos ayudar a solventar estos problemas. Me aprece increible la insensatez de aquellos que siguen trabajando en armas nucleares o cualquier instrumento bélico que solo concluye en la autodestrucción del propio genero humano y de la naturaleza.
wow nice share for Chernobyl, btw i usually read your blog using my blackberry email account.
ive been to chernobyl this year . had no idea about the effects were on going hartbreaking bit of film
perfect picture, real affection between mother and baby.
It's really sad what is happening there
I think this is a very horrible tragedy. This should be a big history
Thank you for share this great information. eel bad about it
People here are so uninformed, that the name Chernobyl to them is unknown, People, they think this event was so long ago, it was not.
This motion is really touching my heart.I do feel sympathy for these children. We should come forward to help them.
I was feeling sorry for myself today. I am not anymore. Instead, today I will do something to help these children. Somehow.
thanks for the info
Hello I am a veteran of the French nuclear tests, I underwent surgery for cancer in November 2003. I'm horrified by these photographs. These children are scarred in their chairs. How again praising the civil and military nuclear. May the force be with them! Patrick BARRIER What courage Mr. Fusco
it's great story i like it thanks
That’s a really interesting post, I know in the UK that employers are searching Facebook and MySpace when they get CVs in
It is very good to see the story of magnum in motion. I liked it a lot. What is the role of Chernoyl Legacy in it.
I can but weep.
i feel pain.... my heart is broken....i start cry... This is terrible.....Is not fair.... How poor little kits have to pay the error for others.... God bless them.... Me siento destrozada mi corazon esta triste esto me a tocado en lo mas profundo de mi lo siento.... pobre ninos que pagan errorer ajenos....que dios los bendiga pobres pequenos no tienen la culpa de nada.......
that is rlly scary
Everytime I watch this I burst into tears, for so many reasons that I can't even count. I hope that this work has as mush publicing as possible, for people to understand what's going on there.
this is a major disaster that must never be forgotten. Didn't realize until I found this post just how bad it really was.
Es un trabajo magnifico, gracias por enseñar un poco de esto al mundo. El que no conoce su pasado esta condenado a vivir los errores en el futuro...
Thank you, this was very informative. We do not learn about these things in the United States school system.
another reminder for me about the horrifying event of Chernobyl as the anniversary draws near for me
I was just a kid when it happend but years later after i read about and seen pics of the disaster it must of been horrible
This viedo makes me relize that we dont have it ner as bad as thes children do.
i thought it ment black grass or stalks?
Chernobyl mean the herb "wormwood" in Russian
I thought that everybody might like to know that "Chernobyl" is Russian for "We goofed big time".
Wow, poor children and parents. I never have felt so bad in my life... :(
Looking at this it reallly makes it easier for a person to ask is Nuclear devlopment and messing with radiation is more important then the lives of human beings. I really want to work once I'm a bit older to shut down Nuclear plants around the world that can harm humans. It is not acceptable for this!
Easy to understand your claim that this was life changing for you.My hope ;dear Paul is that it is not at too steep a price for your emotional well being. Minimata on an unspeakably larger scale. Words fail me in trying to thank you for what you have done. I hope that Marty Forscher got to see this.
This moved me. I had to stop and just watch. That feeling inside, fixed to what your looking at, uncomfortable, compelled, silenced. I knew about Chernoybl form a young age. Whislt still at school, my family would take in a child the same age as me from Belarus. They lived with us for 6 weeks each year, like a new brother we would do everything together, school, play, meals, trips out.... I knew about Chernoybl, about the accident, about the tradedy, about the pain and suffering. I knew about Chernoybl, but I realise I never really understood it. The real pain and suffering it generates. Your right Paul, it is a war. Maybe someone did pull on God's beard, and now he is laughing! Ive seen allot of chernoybl related images over the years, but never have I felt so moved and silenced as watching your essay. Thank you for sharing....
Dear Paul, Thanks for this essay done with such a lot of integrity. Not to mention the outstanding images. But who wants to talk about images in face of such a tragedy that still hasn't ended? Sadly the world needs messengers to reveal the truth and remind people of the luring dangers. With respect Best wishes - Vincent.
Very informative essay on the lasting effects of this careless disaster. The photographs are chilling and sad............very sad.
Написано суховато, но всё равно занимательно.
Very Interesting...
This is what happens when things go wrong. It was disaster that no one will ever forget and can easily understand that atomic war today will destroy whole world.
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