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Christopher Anderson

"I sometimes imagine Caracas as a living breathing animal. Obscured by the darkness it appears both violent and sensual, but perhaps it's true nature will only be revealed at the moment it devours me." - Christopher Anderson

Thank you Christopher!!!
Qué maravilla!!! Realmente, son de las mejores fotos que he visto en mucho tiempo. ¿Cómo se llama la canción? ¿Quién la canta?
thank u for this emotions!
es un trabajo de primera clase !!! muy emocionante. en hora buena mr.anderson
A photographic essay ís not good if it´s not portraying the worse, the bad, the dark, the evil... that is the mainstream of the photography now....They will say, it´s the point of view of the artist ! But why it has to be always like that ???
bellissimo lavoro, Christopher. A lot of work, and life. Excellent editing (le cae re-bien Espinita (Banda Ionica-Matre Mia)). Suerte.
Just Great!
Excelent work! it capture a "piece" of our reality (i'm venezuelan), but still there are many things to show from my city. She es violent and tough sometimes, but also "hide" a lot of beauties just visible for those who go beyond the obvious. I invite you to find them... and Mr. Chávez, it just the visible face of something more deep that is happening in this society. The stupid are left with the "black or white": he is a dictator or he is a kind of god. But i thing that he is just a product of our history and will be in the power until the majority of the people stop believing in him. That's good? I don't know, but it's democracy. Imperfect? Yes. But much more alive than others that who call themselves as such.
Most excellent! Please, what is the music? ~Norma
Just fantastic.
I've never been to Venezuela, so I'd like to ask the Venezuelans here: if Chavez is such a bad president, why does the majority of voters like him? You can certainly blame on ignorance, and it probably is part of the problem, but it feels to me like middle and high class Venezuelans don't like the fact that his government helps poor people...
excuse me, how to take this picture ? - Building forest. One guy's shadow , another Squre in his head. Christopher Anderson - 01.34 . i'm so sorry that my ENGLISH is too bad.
Christopher, a provocative and beautifully executed visual extravaganza, though rather dim on information. Is there a wave of violence in Caracas and, if so, is it new? How to people react? Resist? I think we've all heard Chavez speak many times, but how wonderful it would be to hear some of the voices from the barrios. Caracas is obviously politically charged, but it's hard to know how the tensions are being lived day to day in this brief but beautiful essay. I'd also like to respond briefly to Daniel in Oshkosh, as I am currently producing an interactive photo documentary on forced displacement in Colombia, in English and Spanish. It won't be live until early November, but I invite people to visit the work then at I hope Magnum won't mind me placing the link here, but I have produced the documentary independently, as part of a university thesis in Australia. The work combines photos with audio interviews with the displaced, community and indigenous leaders, and Colombian academics and journalists in an innovative and interactive way that gives voice to the subjects of each photograph, and context to their situation. It is perhaps a less spectacular format, but one that allows for more greater dialogue, and comprehension.
I'm a venezuelan woman, I really appreciate this essay, it reflects the real face of my country, the pain we are suffering now. The streets of Venezuela are like a war game, when thieves and murderers try to take control of our lives. It's brilliant... and I really think that this effort is a gift for me as venezuelan. thank you very much
llegue a tu trabajo por pura casualidad me parecio muy bueno de verdad, salio directo para ser un post en mi facebook para que mas personas tenga la dicha de apreciar tan buen trabajo... todo lo mejor y adelante con todo
agreement here with Christopher Anderson
nice work, an essay abut NYC, Atlanta or New Orelans ghettos would be nice too but more important would be honest and fair, don´t you think? been to NYC ghettos and i think you could make a wonderfull essay there, there is no need to come so far from the land of opportunities..........
I wish you could invite him, so he can also show the beauty of our country, but how can you even serve him a cup of coffee if there is not even sugar for "EL Pueblo".
Chris, I just got the book, Capitolio, on Friday. Beautiful work. Did you get a chance to meet Douglas Bravo while you were there? What are your five favorite books on Latin America? Where else have you travelled there? Have you spent much time in Colombia? Second only to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Colombia has the highest number of "internally displaced peole" in the entire world. That's worthy of a photo essay. I've spent some time there, doing human rights work. It would be great if you were to put a spotlight on the problems there through your photography. Under Uribe Colombia is safer--for rich people--and more dangerous for the poor and workers, especially trade unionists. Uribe is kind of the opposite magnetic pole from Chavez in South America. It just make sense that you do a book on Colombia now! warm regards, Daniel from Oshkosh
You've taken beautiful photographs and of course as an artist you may choose to focus your subject as you see fit. There are always multiple perspectives on anything. But, I feel sad that what I find so amazing and beautiful about Venezuela--the vibrancy and energy of the Venezuelan people--is hidden in your dark portrayal. Where are the amiable and passionate people themselves that make up this nation?
Caracas, La Sucursal del Cielo; asi conoci la ciudad que me vio crecer. la cuidad de los techos rojos y la belleza del Avila. El contraste de lo viejo y tradicional con lo moderno y sofisticado...Muchas remenbransas me traen sus fotos pero no son las imgenes que yo recuerdo. como a cambiado mi pueblo, mi pais y mi gente... Se siente la tension, el sufrir y el vibrar de una ciudad que se debate entre la inseguridad, una economia erratica e inestable y la locura de una ideologia que ha divido a todo un pais...
I think of New Orleans in the same way.
It makes me sad to see and know that the city that I grew up, and that I love so much has become that. Tears run down my face because I have experience and witness that, the destruction of a society. Now many miles, kilometers and the past separate millions of people. Moreover, as to comment on the long previous comment from September 19th, 2008, yes I know that the whole city is not like that. I think he did not intend to portray that, but only what years of ignorance have brought to our country, and not only from Chavez, but from every other unethical person that has touched it. we all know that every country has its problems and its ghettos, the thing is are they really trying to alleviate the situation. I wish you could invite him, so he can also show the beauty of our country, but how can you even serve him a cup of coffee if there is not even sugar for "EL Pueblo".
The images are amazing but the place strikes me as Hell on earth.
I Liked very much your Work and I Invite you to look in my Web Site the work "No Hay Mal que dure 100 Años " I Living in the resistence creatinng Digital Art Photo Video & Words.
Espectacular !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excelente trabajo !!!!! una misera verdad mostrada de una manera hermosa y pensar que despues de haber recibido durante 10 años csi 900.000 $$$$$$$ continuemos reproduciendo miseria. Para algunos les molestara pero por la verdad murio Cristo. Yo vivo en Caracas y no fui partidario de los gobiernos anteriores y de este menos, el cual ha sido y es es el peor fraude y la mas humillante vejacion a este pueblo manipulado vilmente!!!!
Grandioso! Certero y doloroso.
Amazing! Thak you for making me a part of this. Grat job!
Christopher - it's excellent photographic work and sad and dark pictures; much darker than is the city in fact. I would say it's a nice essay, and in a sense it's good you called it "el capitolio" and not "caracas" because it's not representative of caracas (well, neither is it of capitolio, but that is another question). you made me think a lot of what is a "fair representation" of a city/country/people. To concentrate on this case, I think it's a montage that might defeat its own purposes - the choice of black-and-white photography conceals the colors of the city we live in. The choice of poor people and deserted houses makes us forget of how busy and buzzy caracas is, and how rich and poor co-exist with very different life-standard just meters from each other. Until the last shots when you infuse the chavista demo pics, i was thinking it might rather be a representation of caracas before the 1970s and the economic boom and urbanization: caracas of today is much more developed and bursting with crowds, consumption, commercials etc. Once you show the chavista demo, you actually (intentionally?!) do a bad trick to the government - because its demonstrations are so vibrant and colorful and full of music and odor and sweat and heath - your photos show them quite differently. One can see a raging crowd of outcasts that support a hidden authoritarian voice. was that you wanted to show? or did your montage play a bad trick to your political message?
Good work, the absence of color only emphazises the drama in the pictures. The music is outstanding, never heard it before
Las fotos son excelentes los tratamientos y el equilibrio me encanta, si bien demuestran los que es una parte de Venezuela, y toda la descomposición social que tenemos en nuestro país, eso es lo que ve el extranjero que viene a un país donde entro mucho dinero y no se ve esos ingresos reflejados en ningún lado, solo en campaña del gobierno, ellos no entienden lo que pasa y esa es su manera "Artística " de reflejarlo, pero estoy totalmente deacuerdo con el comentario aquí publicado, yo también me siento agredida, estoy cansada de que todo en Venezuela es violencia, agresión, basura, muerte, drogas, discursos vacíos llenos de odio, pero pienso también que tenemos que pasar por esto y mucho mas para mejorar como Venezolanos... Gracias por mostrarnos lo que todos sabemos, pero que bloqueamos, para poder seguir con nuestras vidas
Soy de la opinión que este trabajo de Caracas podrá estar técnicamente resuelto, pero me parece un insulto a la dignidad del venezolano (almenos la mía como VENEZOLANA) Mis pensamientos no están teñidos con colores políticos, sin embargo soy libre de opinar.. Me parece una gran irresponsabilidad de tú parte llegar a un país, tener unos contactos que te hablen sobre lo mal que estamos (porque definitivamente el sol no se puede tapar con un dedo) y sobre lo que VES (que definitivamente es innegable) construyas un discurso visual tan ofensivo y denigrante.. Te pregunto por qué no haces lo mismo con los ghettos de NyC y muestras un poco las miserias de tú país, por qué eres tan políticamente hipócrita. No tengo nada contra ti, pero pienso que debes tener cuidado. La licencia y seguridad que da el pertenecer a esta agencia no la dederías usar para creerte un todo poderoso y retratar de manera tan manipulada la realidad ajena. Si, a mi no me gusta la gestión de Chavez y se debe elegir a otra persona, si ,hay mucha pobreza, si, hay mucha violencia, pero mi estimado Christopher te invito a que no te conviertas en un malandro más, en un malandro con licencia que con la excusa de ser artista creas que puedes ir levantandole la falda al mundo y salir ileso. Revisa tus valores, revisa sobre qué ética manejas tu discurso gráfico. Eres libre de tomar tus fotos y mostrar las tripas del mundo , pero haz que sea genuino, no un montaje teledirigido, ofensivo y digno de dar lástima. No me interesa la compasión de los que viven en países con "economías estables" ni tú prepotencia tácita. De paso, las imagenes que muestras no son de capitolio.. y capitolio no se asemeja (en caso que sea así) a la relación interpretativa del guión. Todos los días del mundo, miles de Caraqueños transitamos por esa zona, para ir a trabajar con mucho tesón para conseguir el alimento. Eso y mucho más es Caracas Anderson, mucho más.. Pido disculpas si con mi opinión hiero susceptibilidades, pero es que me siento como una leona herida.
My beautiful and terrible Caracas. Great work by Mr. Andreson. really touched me....i was just staring at the screen i was stunned...
Excellent video... I'm caraqueña, and I fell these images so related to my every day. We're always afraid about...everything, but still we love our country, our people, our sound and rhythm. I only hope that piece of ('#*mhd=!!") Chávez go away soon. We, the venezuelans, rich and poor, will take him away as soon as possible. We can take it anymore... "No hay mal que dure mil años, ni cuerpo que lo resista" FUERA CHÁVEZ!
Awesome, true but sad yet beautiful. Anderson logra reflejar la belleza de la miseria cotidiana caraqueña y venezolana. Y hay más... (hermosura y bajeza como extremos de nuestra humanidad) Tam (Caracas, Venezuela)
La verdad este reportaje sobre Venezuela (caracas) esta bien hecho . La presentación , la canción,las fotos...todo esta muy bien echo, se ve que la vida en venezuela es dificil como en otros paises.
Hemos visto el vídeo y no has gustado.Trata de la vida en Caracas (Venezuela), nos muestra como viven alli las parsonas,sale Hugo Chavez dando un discurso a las personas. Se nota que la vida es dura en esos países.y que la economia esta por los suelos.
Hemos visto el vídeo y no has gustado.Trata de la vida en Caracas (Venezuela), nos muestra como viven alli las parsonas,sale Hugo Chavez dando un discurso a las personas. Se nota que la vida es dura en esos países.y que la economia esta por los suelos.
Dear Chris, I'm deeply impressed.... Very very nice ! hug.
Great Photo essay Christopher, loved the music too - what a mood the photos and music create, makes me want to take pictures. Really nice. have sent it to my primos who are from venezuela, looking forward to see what they think. Suerte Richard
I was Born and raise in Venezuela, been living in Spain for the past 3 years. Left Caracas when I finished my Business Degree. Lived there for 23 of my 28 years of existence. And I couldn't have thought a better way to describe it as the way CA does in here. The sad part is that it wasn't like that 15 years ago, and it will never be as it was in my childhood years.
brilliant exploration of culture de Caracas. passionate coverage and truthful "light" is what photography is all about.


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