Burma: Behind the Conflict

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Burma: Behind the Conflict

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The current conflict in Burma is just the latest symptom of a political and social disorder that has plagued the country for decades. Writer Brendan I. Koerner, comments on the background of its current troubles.
Queste fotografie dicono molto di più di ciò che le mie parole potrebbero esprimere..
your magazine are the best magazine
this photoessay is not completly enough about burma. the good , bad and ugly things have everywhere and every contry . this comment was shown only the ugly things of burma this is the propagenda of foolish western contry
Congratulations and many thanks for the short photoessay but very clear and informative. It gives you diferent insite into the issue. It seems to me that they become victims of global conflicts of interests. Let photography do it´s job and contribute to denounce loud and clear the reality so it can be change. Keep the good work
Looking Forward to see a coverage of Burma right now, feels media is leaving this issue aside, but i imagine it has been extremely difficult to cover this with all the repression of the system...
Watching this I realized just how important Magnum ann especialli InMotion can be in times like this...when we need a visual firebomb of this quality accompanied by a strong simple narrative to actually understand that small place that's making headlines around the world. Thank you guys. gaby
I really hope a change will come very soon for the people of Burma.
What a shame that the world at the moment sems too busy with wars and other inter - country struggles that there is no one who has the interest or the will to help oppressed humanity in many countries. It certainly does not look as if Democracy were spreading; rather the oppsite seems true.


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