Bruce Has a Ball

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Bruce Has a Ball

Bruce Gilden

At the Texas State Society "Black Tie & Boots" inauguration affair, Washington D.C., January 19th, 2009.

very nice indeed
The best! An inspiring work. Congratulations and greetings from Salamanca (Spain)
I watch this over and over and over again. Being a native NY'er now living in Texas I get an added hoot from this. Bruce is one of a kind a true gem. Nothing like watching the best of them work like this. Hats off to Bruce. Hopefully he'll be doing this work for decades to come. Thanks for posting this.
Wow, what an amazing way of working! Bruce is a one of a kind, what an inspiration yet a style that will only ever be his own! I like it when he took the picture of the ladies 'diamonds'!
Bruce has an exceptional character i just love watching him take pictures he is crazy "in a good way" and i believe that no one could do this kind of photography except him .
What an opportunity, incredible photographs, i would expect nothing less from the master!
amazing! what a privilege to see a master at work!
only you could pull this off bruce. good fucking shit
that was great. i really enjoyed it. the photos look great. Bruce you are a collector of charactors. I love the one of the lady at 3:09. BANG! she didnt have time to put on her photo face. great stuff.
Is he dancing while photographing?
This is a fantastic demo of what a pleasant job. photos not only be captured by photographer also he brake in to click the momento of surprise and joy. Congratulations a inspirational one.
This one I really like! You feel the spirit of the event!
Ha ha. Bruce rocks! That was a blast to watch.
This was both enjoyable and educational to watch. Bruce looked like a kid in a candy store with the characters there. Love the "tough guy" shot at 6:57, classic Bruce Gilden photo. Great essay, much appreciated!
i never had the opportunity before now to see a big photographer in action... thanks Bruce and thank to all magnum photographers for the inspirations you give me day by day.. I'm laughing as a child. Thank you! greetings from Italy
Bruce Gilden, if you're reading this. You are my inspiration.
Brilliant! I had ball looking at this!


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