Bolivian Elections

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Bolivian Elections

Christopher Anderson

In December 2005, Christopher Anderson travelled to Bolivia to witness the election of Evo Morales. He turned his excursion into an interactive diary with updates from the field.

Very nice piece. Very thorough and well executed. I'm fascinated by Bolivian Politics and I really appreciate your work. Nick
Incredibly beautiful photos, thank you for posting this. I am also very grateful for your role as witness.
Evo Morales has kicked out every Anti-Drug agency from Bolivia and we are now swamped with drug dealers, corrupt officials and a lot of uncertainty, not only politically, but also judicially, since Evo has been able to dismember many of the institutions of law and Justice practically DOES NOT EXIST in Bolivia anymore. I am sure a lot of people who is now against him, voted for him thinking about change, but since then, nothing has changed, not a single job was created and Bolivia has now lost more 32 commercial treaties with other countries. Bolivians hope this uncertainty to end soon, we are tired of MAS and the coca-leaders.


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