Between Heaven And Earth

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Between Heaven And Earth

Cristina Garcia Rodero

I want to speak about the human being, the dualities and contradictions of life; The old traditions and the new rituals, the natural and the supernatural, religious and pagan, pain and pleasure, humans and gods, spirit and body, water and earth, life and death.

- Cristina Garcia Rodero

Stunning photos,music & pictures are intermingled,giving a beautiful experience,but showing of sexual organs esp,penis is slightly disturbing it might be avoided.
a very moving photo essay ... bravo ... stunning work
where does superstition and cultural religion end and life-enhancing, life-changing spiritual reality begin?
nice composition but very disturbing photos! ^ ^
Fantástico, maravilhoso, uma cadência entre as imagens e o som sem igual. Permite uma interpretação muito gostosa do trabalho. Sem palavras................
很震撼的一组~,用音乐凸显了图片所承载的含义,讽刺的或是神圣的。马格兰图片社的作品总是那样的直白和深刻,没有任何矫情,做作。也就是这种真实的东西令世界看上去更接近她的本质。祝愿在新的一年里,贵社与日俱进~ 来自中国的祝福~~
very powerful, well presented. fine job.
Great emotions. A show of the human life between heaven and hell, love and decay.
Simplesmente fantástico , as fotos são espetaculares e inquietantes! Excelente ensaio.
The music and the theme merged with one another perfectly, its a great work. Wish you all the best.
Good motion. Very full of strange sensations. And makes you go outside to take fotos. Nice version of "tirauki" song. Mmm...8!
This is amazing. The photographs are undoubtedly stunning. It is not easy to talk about human beings and nature and supernatural things but the images are so communicating and moving. It is a very good body of work.
This essay is smooth and calm, yet so overwhelming! I am stunned!
Imresionante trabajo Cristina! Un saludo desde Serbia
Wonderful work by Cristina Garcia Rodero and very moving - this kind of art needs no words to express itself.
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