30 Years for a Trial

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30 Years for a Trial

John Vink

More than 30 years after the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia will finally publicly face its brutal past during an international judiciary process and hopefully be allowed to put the souls of 1,7 million victims at rest. Even if only less than ten people will be prosecuted, the importance of having a tribunal which is understood by everyone is vitally important for its credibility.

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John woowww!! very good work Cambodia is a suffer people Remeber is the key.... for a better future....
Seams to me that John Vink lost, long time ago, his ability to produce images with quality and interest enough to be represented by Magnum. I absolut love his work from the old times, but honestly I think John lost is mojo somewhere in the transition from film to digital... or maybe the excess of cockiness got on his way!


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